Wat Johnston

Johnston Brangus, owner, Wat Johnston represents the fourth generation of his family to be involved in agriculture in Southern Alabama. While he may have just entered the registered segment of the beef industry, cattle have always been part of his life and livliehood.

Today, Wat oversees the registered Brangus program that was recently purchased from his brother, Ray, a large commercial cowherd that is Brangus based and relies on strong performing Brangus bulls and a cattle and multi-crop operation in Argentina, as well as other businesses.

Wat and wife, Carol and their children, and seven grandchildren are very proud of their family’s rich history and are equally proud to be involved in the beef business.

For more on the Johnston Family see the article in the May 2016 Brangus Journal

Wat and Carol Johnston with their seven grandchildren, who represent the sixth generation of this family to be involved in agriculture.