An Evolved Partnership in the Brangus Breed:
Cavender-Draggin’ M and Partners – Proven Genetics, Trusted Brand

Change is the ever constant in the evolution of business, culture and the world. Cavender Draggin’
M and Partners (CDP) is just that – a new name and a fresh invigorating re-boot. More importantly, CDP is an evolved continuation of the long-term partnership between Cavender Brangus, Draggin’ M, Double W and Johnston Brangus. “Our partnership, based in Texas, is focused on providing the most versatile and adaptable Brangus and Ultrablack cattle in the country,” said Joe Cavender of Cavender Brangus.

Wat Johnston Jr. of Johnston Brangus describes the new partnership as “established and deeply experienced cattlemen with over one hundred years of combined expertise. CDP provides commercially proven genetics that is backed by many years of proven results and data.”

Vast experience coupled with the desire to make each successive generation just a little bit better; these visionaries have created a program based on performance, data and comparative testing that breeds cattle for today and tomorrow – in real time.

“The  CDP partnership is armed with the modern tools of embryo transfer, Genomically Enhanced EPDs, years of ultrasound and carcass data, and the largest, most accurate contemporary groups in the breed. Our program is managed by talented and knowledgeable cattlemen that ruthlessly cull for the convenience traits such as feet and legs, disposition, mothering ability and fertility. Our vision is to provide Top Quality Brangus and Ultrablack cattle to both seedstock and commercial producers,” states John Milam of Draggin’ M Ranch.

From breed-leading herd sires or donors to range bulls and commercial replacement females – CDP
is poised to meet the needs of any cattleman. Taking bold steps towards the future, with unparalleled service post-sale, marketing assistance, calf buyback programs, and always answering your call – CDP is here to be more than just your genetic supplier. We are the new brand standard of excellence and your go-to resource for navigating this fast moving and ever changing industry.

For more information contact Craig Green 870.834.1976