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Lots 87, 111, 114, 124, 137, 161, 181, 190, 192, 193, 194 and Group 11 in the Commercial Heifers


David Kreig sold this set of commercial Brangus sired heifers for us. They are out of GENETRUST bulls. He has been marketing heifers exclusively sired by GENETRUST bulls for eight years. He says, “these are as good as any seen anywhere in the breed.” If you need replacement females, then look to Johnston Brangus. #gobrangus


Stace Morris, South Greenfield, Missouri
Dale Wendlant, Kinta, Oklahoma
Jim Saul, Quitaque, Texas
Dail Martin, Madison, Kansas


Johnston Cattle Company, owned by Wat Johnston and Family is proud to announce that they have acquired Johnston Farms, previously owned by Ray Johnston, Wat’s brother. The herd will now operate under the name of Johnston Brangus and will maintain headquarters in Letohatchee, Alabama.   The breeding program and the property that these cows have been managed on since inception of Johnston Farms 20 years ago will remain the same.

Ray is one of the founding members of GENETRUST. With this acquisition, Wat will assume Ray’s board seat with GENETRUST, as its newest member.

“I have always had a high regard for GENETRUST. We have utilized their bulls in our commercial program for over seven years, and have been using the genetic lines for over 15 years. We know how this group conducts business and appreciate the integrity and strong character embodied in each member. We are honored to join GENETRUST, where the emphasis on raising the bar for quality in each calf crop is a driving force,” says Wat.

Wat has been in the commercial business for over 50 years and operates on the same land his family began farming in the early 1800’s. For the past 25 years, Johnston Cattle Company has utilized Brangus bulls on their crossbred females, including many sires from the GENETRUST program.

“Our weaning weights have continued to increase since we began using Brangus bulls. When my brother decided to retire, my family and I felt this was a great business opportunity. We have been using these genetics for a long time in our commercial operation and have been very pleased with the results. My brother assembled a fabulous herd and we are proud to be able to pick up where he left off,” remarked Wat.

In 2006, Ray purchased a really nice set of Angus cows from Camp Cooley Ranch to begin his Ultrablack program. The herd was established using Brangus bulls, such as Guardian, to breed up to Brangus. The Ultrablack program will continue to be a smart breeding tool for introducing new genetics from the Angus breed. Some of the high accuracy Angus bulls used in this program include Final Answer and Consensus.

The Brangus herd originated with a number of top female purchases from Camp Cooley Ranch and the Florida based Heldon Farms. Other top female purchases were made from Chimney Rock Cattle Company, prior to GeneTrust’s inception and a select group of pairs and females from Wynn Ranch, Fort Myers Florida in 2007.

The very popular sire, Brightside of Brinks, a top ribeye sire that traced back to the great Transformer of Brinks was purchased. Additional purchases include the sires Landau 263X2, Guardian of Brinks 9U8U5 and Roll Tide 222Z29, along with multiple top females representing proven, predictable, and popular Brangus bloodlines.

Landau is a young sire whose dam, 263L, is considered one of the outstanding cows of the breed. His grand dam, 263Z2, purchased from McCreary Brangus was also a prolific donor cow. Landau’s first calves are exceptionally consistent and uniform in their kind with the eye appeal and profile of his sire, LTD; plus he adds breed character, muscle and growth. His consistency is exemplified by the fact he ranks in the top 35% or better for seven traits, including the top 2% for scrotal circumference, 15% for ribeye area, 20% for yearling weight and total maternal, 25% weaning and milk and 35% for calving ease maternal.

Guardian, a Csonka of Brinks son, continues to gain popularity through his ability to produce front pasture kind of Brangus, and when bred to Angus cows, he sires exceptional Ultrablacks. Data driven, Guardian ranks in the top 25% or better for eight traits including the top 1% for calving ease maternal and top 2% for scrotal circumference and fat thickness, top 15% for intramuscular fat and top 25% for weaning, yearling weight, milk, total maternal and ribeye area. He was the third most used sire in terms of International Brangus Breeders Association registrations in 2015 and continues to see extensive use internationally, especially throughout Mexico and Argentina.

Roll Tide is a moderate framed individual with above average bone and plenty of depth of body with a big foot and clean joints. His rankings include a top 3% for ribeye area, 4% for yearling weight, top 10% for weaning weight and scrotal circumference and 15% for total maternal. His sire, DMR Affirmed 331U24, is a consistent breeding Affirmed son.

In 2004, the Johnston family expanded to Argentina, where they operate Estancia Flor de Lis, a cattle ranch.   Clearly, the Johnston family is excited about the future of the cattle business and looks forward to continuing the tradition of raising top quality cattle.

For additional information, contact Wat Johnston at 334/301-3077 or Alan Haney, General Manager at 334/312-0635.

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